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Cooper Place Is Growing

Sibling Stores news Swaddle Blanket

. . . by two small baby feet! 

Big Brother and Big Sister are thrilled to welcome Cooper Place Baby No. 3 to the family at the end of March. There are already plans being made for "sharing batman with the baby" and "teaching the baby how to play with legos" and "giving blankies to the baby." 

My three-year-old calls himself a "big boy" but he still sleeps with a giant armful of our super soft swaddles and often totes them around the house with him. When he is feeling sick or gets hurt, nothing but a swaddle blanket will do. NOTHING. Not Mama Love, not a lollipop, JUST a swaddle blanket. In fact, we've started packing extra in our car because unexpected "owies" require the soft comfort of a blankie! 

In the coming weeks, he and I will sort through and pick some swaddle designs to "give to the baby." We still have a few months to get him used to the idea of sharing his special blankies with his new little sister. 

Also, since we are a small, family-run business we want to celebrate our new addition with our biggest sale EVER! I'll likely take some time off to enjoy those newborn snuggles so we are going to clear out some inventory before her arrival. 

Keep an eye on your inbox and make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook to get first dibs on our massive warehouse sale, starting soon!

baby feet in swaddle blanket



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