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With this Taxonomy Genius Swaddle, the cute pictures are more than just animals--they represent the system we use to scientifically classify life from general to specific. 

It doesn’t matter whether you learned the mnemonic “Dear King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti” or “Do Koalas Prefer Chocolate or Fruit, Generally Speaking” as a student, you will love having a cute, stylish, useful swaddle blanket to wrap your infant and teach anyone else around the proper way to classify life. 

 At almost 4 ft square (47" x 47") this super-soft blanket is generous enough for a variety of uses: swaddle blanket, wall hanging, stroller cover, play mat, burp cloth, nursing cover, light towel, scarf, and more. And the classic, gender neutral design easily transitions to toddlerhood and beyond! 

Surround your child with a blanket that will soothe her as an infant and teach her biology as she grows. 


  • 8 Taxonomy levels (from Domain to Species) with specific picture examples

  • Luxe 70% bamboo rayon/30% cotton lightweight weave

  • Non-toxic ink

  • Extra large 47" x  47" size

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